SIES Institute of Chromatography and Spectroscopy

About the Institute

The South Indian Education Society with its allied colleges and school has been aunique pathfinder for more than eight decades. Excellence being its hall mark, the institution has always strived to instill values and practice. From basic sciences and arts to high-end technology, SIES has played host to some of the most eminent personalities.

Chromatography and spectroscopy are the pillars of chemical analysis and is likean axle on which the chemical industries revolve; this alone can be the reason that these topics are taught at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of biological sciences and engineering. While these subjects are dealt in theoretical classes majority of the students do not have an opportunity or access to familiarize these students with instruments during their academic years in the college. When the students face the challenge of working with these instruments in their research career or industry jobs, they would definitely feel that it would have been better forthem to have seen and worked with these instruments during their college days. Read More..