SIES Institute of Chromatography and Spectroscopy


Dr. V. B. Malkar, Honorary Director Dr. V. B. Malkar holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University in Mumbai. Experienced with setting of facilities and qualifying for

  1. Biogenerics
  2. Blood Products
  3. Oncology steroids and API formulations
  4. Ointments and creams
  5. Injectable liquid and lyophilized
Developed quality management systems to comply with US FDA regulatory and other authorities.

Mr. Vivek Parab, Technical Assistant Mr. Vivek Parab holds a M.Sc. degree in Microbiology from University of Mumbai. His area of interest in research is degradation and analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using microorganisms. Experienced in teaching instrumentation and their applications in various fields to graduate and post graduate students of Microbiology and Biotechnology as a teaching faculty. He is well versed with analytical instruments like Gas Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography and has effectively demonstrated the instruments to graduate and post-graduate students.

Visiting Faculty